Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wait a minute, what side are you on Monsanto?

Monsanto, a biotechnology company has contributed over $4.2 million dollars to try to defeat the upcoming vote on Labeling GMO foods in California (Proposition 37).

But according to the advertisement below, they are in support of labeling GMOs in the United Kingdom.

Uh, what ?

Here's the advertisement, taken from Monsanto's own website in the UK:

Monsanto's Advertisement

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby Wipes

I recently came across a list of natural/non-toxic baby wipes that a young mom had put together and posted. It was such a plethora of great information, I thought I'd share.  She lists several different brands of baby wipes,  attributes AND how to purchase/find in stores.

A wealth of info for mommies, all in one convenient place!

Here's the link: click here

Just FYI we use the California Organics brand - and are very happy with them.  My only gripe with them is that HEB runs out of them on occasion and they are not flush-able.  Other than that, they are great!  And they make great makeup remover cloths too!